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The Challenge

Cultivating the Promising Minds of Our Youth

In pursuit of our mission to empower youth of color, we understand there are many challenges that will require community support to address and solve. With this combined effort we strive to guide our youth to excel in academia, become entrepreneurs, future leaders and sustainable citizens. The following charts indicate the local and national academic averages in math and science.

Math & Science 2011 Report

National 2009 and 2011 Science Comparison

2018 GOAL

These figures indicate a threat to sustaining our communities socially and economically.

ADYA intends to continue engineering sustainable solutions to meet its mission and welcomes the community to join in achieving its goals. In 2018 ADYA will be serving approximately 100 students and their families with the Sankofa Tutoring System™ program within its operations at a new to be determined location. Achieving this milestone builds a foundation that moves our students away from the stunted growth of the figures presented above, and we estimate an increase in academic proficiency with our struggling students by 25% by end of 2019.

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