Sankofa Math and Science Club

Sankofa Math and Science Club

OBJECTIVE: Promoting Academic development through High School Math & Science Clubs.

PURPOSE OF PROGRAM: Developing academically challenged youth through innovative math and science clubs to compete in ADYA’s Math & Science Competition.

DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM: ADYA will assist and promote youth in the greater Seattle area high schools to form math & sciende clubs within their respective schools. The math & science clubs will receive resources, leadership, and support to prepare for the first annual ADYA Math & Science Competition.

BACKGROUND OF PROGRAM: The Sankofa Math & Science Clubs is design to uplift high school students academically through math & science curriculums. The Sankofa Math & Science Clubs are part of a broader ADYA academic development program, aimed at developing at-risk youth through innovative programs to be academically competitive and ready for higher learning institutions. Sankofa Math & Science Club members will have 7 months to utilize unique math & science curriculums to prepare to compete in ADYA’s Yearly Math & Science Competition. The winning math & science club will be crowned the best Sankofa Math & Science Club in the community and will receive academic gifts and scholarships to continue their higher learning education.

COST: Funds to support daily operations, volunteers, math tutors, after school learning locations, learning tools (math & science books, computers, calculators, pens, pencils), and any form of support or donations to progress our mission.


  • Student discipline and commitment to achieve goals and tasks
  • Sustainable development in Math and Science
  • Understanding of the Sankofa tradition (to go back and retrieve to ensure knowledge sustainability).
  • Independent thinking and team work (ability to process solutions for a common goal).

Youth participants are all winners. ADYA MATH & SCIENCE participants will receive scholarship funds to pursue their higher learning experience. It is not just about the academic program, it is the aftermath experience, benefits, and joy they receive from the program. KNOWING ADYA AND THE COMMUNITY PLAYED A ROLE IN THEIR LIVES.



  • Student engagement in Math and Science development.
  • Student improvement in class and state exams.
  • School and student recognition in academic success.
  • Youths become productive community members and activist for academic development.
  •  Fighting youth violence with academic development.



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