Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the power of understanding the triggers that stimulate successful production.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship has the type of entrepreneur that takes into consideration the short, medium, and long-term aspects of maintaining this successful production with the impact on society as a whole in mind.

At ADYA, we believe the next generations of youth are the great thinkers of tomorrow. Investing in their minds and creating a healthy platform for their sustainability is a natural responsibility for ADYA members.

Rather than leaving societal needs to the government or business sectors, SUSTAINABLE ENTREPRENEURS (SE) find what is not working and solve the problem themselves. The SE becomes a catalyst by:

  • Identifying root cause solutions.
  • Innovating new practices to address the root issues.
  • Initiating systemic change for the purpose of spreading the new constructs of solution throughout society.


Vinod Khosla ( states “Innovative bottom up methods will solve problems that now seem intractable – from energy to poverty to disease…”

ADYA has the talent on board to disseminate and bring the goals of these youth and their community concerns to fruition. Join us in embracing a desperately needed change.

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